Contoh Soal UAS B Inggris kelas 9 - skripsi man (dulrohman webs)

Kamis, 10 Desember 2015

Contoh Soal UAS B Inggris kelas 9

I.        Silanglah A, B, C, atau D untuk jawaban yang paling tepat.
Choking Hazard!
Not for children under three years olds
The following text is for question 1.

1.       The notice means that children under three years old                        use the product.
A.      may
B.      should
C.     are allowed to
D.     are prohibited to

To: Danny
I’ve tried to call you several times, but you didn’t answer it. I just want to tell you that I can’t attend the OSIS meeting this afternoon. I’ve got a stomachache. I’m sorry.
The following text is for questions 2 and 3.

2.       What is the purpose of the text?
A.      To clarify something.
B.      To ask for clarification
C.     To ask for information
D.     To inform something

3.       Why can’t Sheila be present at the meeting?
A.      She is busy
B.      She is sick
C.     She has another plan
D.     She has something to do
The following text is for questions 4 and 5.
DAPUR KITA Restaurant
It is a traditional restaurant set in an old Javanese style with big carved teak wood pillars.
This marvelous restaurant is located in the heart of Jakarta, close to the business district of the golden triangle. It only needs fifteen-minute drive from the Indonesia Hotel.
Dapur Kita Restaurant has vast parking areas with shady environment. It serves various traditional cuisines: Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese and still many other traditional foods. Guests will be kings and queens. This restaurant serves the best food you have ever had.
4.       The text describes
A.      a traditional restaurant
B.      traditional cuisines
C.     a traditional Javanese house
D.     a traditional house located in the centre of Jakarta

5.       “Dapur Kita Restaurant has vast parking areas with shady environment.”
The underlined word means…..
A.      quick
B.      large
C.     huge
D.     artistic

II.      Lengkapilah kalimat-kalimat berikut dengan kata yang tepat.
For questions 6 to 9, complete the text with the suitable words in the box.


I have a strange fish. I (6)                   it in a big aquarium. My father and I got it last week when we were fishing.
The fish is beautiful, but it (7)                    strange. It has yellowish and (8)                      stripes along the body. It has two legs and there are three fingers on each leg. Besides, it has some small (9)                        teeth. It eats small fishes. Though the fish is quite strange, I love it.    

Complete the following dialog using the words in the box. (Number 10 to 15)
Sudi Mampir Restaurant

 That’s right

Employee          : Hello, the (10)                        , may I
  help you?
Caller                : Yes, please. What time do you open
  this (11)        
Employee          : At 7 a.m. Madam, and we close at
  twelve p.m.
Caller                : I’d like to (12)                        a table for
  two  people, please.
Employ             : For what time, Madam?
Caller                : Around eight.
Employee          : May I have your (13)                    
  please,   Madam?
Caller                : Mrs. O’ Connell.
Employee          : A (14)                        for two people this
  evening at eight for Mrs. O’Connell.
Caller                : (15)
Employee          : Thank you, Madam.
Caller                : You’re welcome. Bye.

III.    Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut.
Answer questions 16 to 19 based on the following dialog.
Sally     : Hey, you are smiling all the time.
Harris   : Yeah, I am very happy. Finally, I could interview
  some tourists in English.
Sally     : Wow, where did you do that?
Harris   : In Prambanan Temple.
Sally     : You are very brave.
Harris   : Thank you. Actually, I felt afraid at first. But I
  remembered what my teacher had said, “If you
  are able, you are really able.” It becomes my 
  motto now.
Sally     : What a motto! So, it all depends on our minds,
Harris   : Yup.
Sally     : Another time, may I go with you to practice our
Sally     : Why not?

16.   What does Harris feel?
17.   Why does he have such feeling?
18.   What is Harris’s motto?
19.   How did Harris get the motto?

Answer questions 20 to 23 based on the following text.
There was a fairy named Sweet Sara. She got her name from eating so much chocolate. She also was plumper than the other fairies.
Whenever Sweet Sara saw chocolate, she ate it, even if she was full. She ate chocolate cupcakes, chocolate drops, chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate éclairs.
On her birthday she ate the entire chocolate birthday cake all herself. She didn’t even share one bite with her big sister. Sweet Sara also ate the entire carton of chocolate ice cream with all the chocolate topping.

When she went to bed, Sweet Sara felt very sick. All night long she cried because her tummy hurt. The next day she didn’t feel quite so bad, but when her mama put a bowl of chocolate crisp cereal at front of her, Sweet Sara passed it to her sister.
From then on whenever she ate chocolate, she only ate a little bit at a time.

20.   What was Sarah habit?
21.   How did Sara look like?
22.   What happened to Sara at night of her birthday?
23.   What change did Sara experience?

For questions 24 to 25 change the active sentences become passive sentences

Example: Donita turns on the computer.
               The computer is turned by Donita.

24.   Father writes a letter.
Mother cleans

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